Human Resource August 9, 2019

From the Diary Of

Aleta Maxwell

Chief Human Resources Officer

About Aleta Maxwell

Avoiding difficult conversations doesn’t make anything better, and in fact typically makes things worse. When we can identify an issue, clearly articulate our intentions, and focus on the end goals that we have in common, difficult conversations become much easier! Whether it’s talking about a subordinate’s general performance, solving a bottleneck in process, or figuring out why there was a breakdown in communication, we must tackle these issue head on, however with our intentions clearly outlined. When we do this, we not only get to the root cause of the issue to better it, but we also build trust!

Aleta Maxwell doesn’t avoid confrontation, but rather delights in getting a chance to identify an issue and start working on solutions to turn a perceived area of opportunity into a strength. By sharing her insights and experience, she enables others to feel more confident and comfortable having conversations to get to the root cause of issues, rather than focusing on the symptoms.

Aleta is a Chief Human Resources Officer, helping to build out a restaurant group with over 20 locations and 700 employees. As a student of the Service Leadership principals, Aleta challenges others to focus on how they can best serve and support their team and meet the group’s goals in the healthiest way possible. Aleta completed her BS in Political Science, and still devours all things politics in her spare time.

Aleta has previously worked for several restaurant groups, including P.F. Chang’s and Le Pain Quotidien as well as non-profits Asphalt Green and YMCA. Aleta draws on her experience working for non-profits daily, as the clear impact that she had on people’s lives in a positive way, the overall “bigger” purpose, was so inspiring. Aleta has spend the last 7 years striving to bring that sense of purpose to Dos Toros, connecting everyday behavior to how we build a better community and partaking in something that is bigger than any one person.

interview by

Muhammad Nauman

Muhammad Nauman is the Founder and CEO of Executives Diary Incorporation. Muhammad is Aiming to land in all countries before taking off from the world. Muhammad is Reputation management and business consulting specialist, he has succeeded in the digital marketing sphere for more than a decade. Over the last 10 or so years, Muhammad Nauman has helped thousands of clients move the needle in their organizations and accomplish their commercial goals.

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