From the Diary Of

Alejandro Iza Marchese

I am a person who loves his family, friends and work, I am very sociable, I like to participate in events, meetings and talks, at the same time I am shy but I have managed to overcome the scenic fear by giving talks around the world.

From a very young age I learned that everything is achieved with hard work, perseverance, responsibility and discipline, in addition to a very good personal organization.

I am passionate about the challenges, at the age of 25, just received, I decided to emigrate to find a better future, I have never settled for normal, I have always looked for the exceptional, both in the work and family environment.

I don’t like to fly but I travel very often, during the years I lived in Europe, I traveled constantly between Spain and Italy, all the trips were more or less similar, queues, waiting, turbulence, etc. but my last trip on that route was different, On the return from Milan-Zaragoza, the plane had to perform several maneuvers to avoid strong turbulence, which caused shouting and fainting within the aircraft…. A farewell little pleasant for a stage of my life that lasted 4 years.