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Branding is a powerful psychological tool to entice consumers and convey a sense of quality. People buy into an image and presenting that image is paramount to product success. It is an art to attract customers uniquely. Moreover, as with all art, it is about looking good and conveying emotion. All renowned companies clearly understand how important it is to tell their stories in the right way. The story must execute cohesively and conform to an underlying message that engages with the target demographic. Branding correctly not only gains companies recognition but also molds consumer perception and is a crucial factor to make sales and differentiate products from the competition.

Keeping that in mind, Executives Diary is proud to interview an exceptional branding storyteller who works in the sportswear domain. I'm sure many of us have been influenced to spend a few extra dollars thanks to the work of Mr. Drew L. Greer, who has worked as an executive for Nike, Ralph Lauren and Under Armour and is currently attached with ELEVATE. We are pleased to have him with us to hear about his personal life and glean a useful insight into his exciting profession.