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⚫️ I AM A: 🔺STORYTELLER 🔺EXECUTI ...VE PRODUCER OF SNEAKERS 🔺ART DIRECTOR 🔺COACH 🔺OG 🔺 SOLUTION CREATOR ▪️Born in New Jersey, raised in Southern California but lived almost everywhere. ▪️My background working internally at Nike, Supra + KR3W, Under Armour and Ralph Lauren has equipped me with an interesting perspective. ▪️I am also a former D-1 (American) Football Player. ⚫️ This translated means I understand Culture, Business, Product, People, Sport, Design and Brands. 🔺Conceptual 2 Experiential! 🔲 MY GOAL is to work Collaboratively with Good Folks, Do the EPIC and Share what I’ve Learned along My Journey. 🛑 Please Stop By, Check In and even Inbox Me. ✍🏾 P.S. Fresh & Hot Content Served Daily. 🖤 I Am The Real UNCLE DR3W