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Jean-Marc Flauraud


Jean-Marc, Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Some fun facts and anecdotes from your life.

My overall drivers in life are (as far as I can recall even when I was a child):

-       Passion

-       Sense (ie. Perpetual search for or meaning of life)!

Where are you from originally? What are some of your favorite memories as a child?

I am born in the Southern Center of France (precisely in the Auvergne region, south of Clermont-Ferrand town).

As a child, one of my favorite “hobbies” was to spend time with my father who was a veterinarian – accompany him throughout the countryside visiting his customers and caring for their cows, sheeps, horses, goats, …

How do you maintain the balance between your professional and personal life?

Just trying to on a perpetual basis! At the end, this is a matter of true personal balance (including both professional and private sides). No matter if your professional life is gaining more and more of your time as long as you enjoy it !

What do you do to relax? Any therapy you would like to share?

First of all: READING! Allowing time to your passion(s) in life: horology (high-end watches), movies, photography, …

They say that first impressions last and are made in the first few seconds of meeting someone. What personal attributes convey a positive first impression to you?

The ability to listen first – because it means a lot to me (in terms of empathy, openness, …)

Which people helped you to get where you are today and what did they do for you?

My parents first – they did (and they’re still doing) anything they could do for me. first of all they have been loving me, continuously, unconditionally.

Some “key people” I had the opportunity to meet with along my professional (and/ or personal) path – one of a kind individuals, upmost smart and inspiring, always visionary people, very talented AND hard working.

They have just been inspiring me – after listening to me.

Who or what inspires you?

-       General de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Bill & Melinda Gates, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, …

-       Smartness, brilliance

Often people find inspiration from great thinkers, writers and prolific people in history. What is your favorite quote and why is that quote noteworthy?

-       Help yourself! = any achievement is prior due to yourself (your beliefs, your decision(s), courage, vision, hard work, …)

-       There is an explanation for everything! = you just have to listen, think about it, and find (or guess) it…

Can you briefly share your professional journey?

-       Almost 15 years in the Consulting business (from Junior Consultant to Senior VP)

-       12 years (10 + 2) in the 3 PL (Third Party Logistics) providers’ business (ie. Contract Logistics, Domestic, Overland & Overseas Transportation, overall Flow Management, Customs & Foreign Trade)

-       4 years in Logistics operations Management in the Manufacturing (Aeronautics in particular) & Retail industries

-       A 30+ year experience & expertise in Manufacturing & international Supply Chain Management

-       Administrator & General manager of small & middle-size joint venture companies (in France, USA (NYC) and China (Hong Kong) respectively)

Did your career turn out just the way you wanted it to?


Not at all!! Which doesn’t mean I am not satisfied with it! This is more about what I call the uncertainty of life (both professional and personal) – ie. You can’t monitor neither decide everything on your own, you have to cope with even overcome some unexpected events… But at the end, you can embrace or follow a career path you hadn’t even thought about before – and enjoy it !


What impact has your educational background had on your professional activities?

Broadly speaking: a solid general knowledge, an open mind, some appetite & ability to learn on a continuous basis, a strong appetite for developing some targeted expertise or area(s) of expertise, some know-how even method or tools towards approaching any type of (business related) problems and finding adequate & applicable solutions.

Can you share some of the interesting projects you are working on these days?

-       In the company I am currently working for (a French specialized retail company), defining then leading the end to end supply chain & It reorganization master plan, declining it in Standard Operating Procedures & processes, leading their implementation while managing the change all across the company

-       Writing (two books already published, working on the “release” of the first one)!

You have had a varied career to date. Explain some of your proudest achievements?

-       Creation (from scratch), development & general management of new & existing small & middle-size companies – namely in the consulting business, in the Aerospace, Defense & Logistics industries

-       My international “journey” (to date) – from France to EMEA, then Asia (Hong Kong, Continental China), then Americas (USA, Canada, Brazil)

-       Human resources management (in various situations)

-       Sticking to being focused on RESULT(S)

What advice would you give to anyone seeking a career in your industry?

(Logistics & Supply Chain: ) Embrace agility & continuous flexibility !!

-       Stay resilient!

-       Believe in yourself, help yourself!

What advice would you give newbie entrepreneurs about being successful?

-       Stay resilient!

-       Believe in yourself, help yourself!

In the Information Age, millennial's tend to be interested in leadership roles. Do you have any advice for millennial professionals starting their careers?

-       Follow your heart & guts!

In your opinion, what is the essential personality trait to consider when hiring an executive-level employee?

-       Honesty, integrity, altruism

We are at the door of the 4th industrial revolution(4IR). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Block chain Technology are thought to be the foremost pillars. How you foresee the future of your industry?

-       AI: Demand Management (Sales forecasts or reforecasts in real time, …)

-       Robotics: on the way to replace most of the “no value adding” tasks in the warehouses, …

What is your favorite book and can you explain what you like about it?

Too many...

What do you think about Executives Diary?

Mostly overbooked, or too busy. As an executive, you must continue to save time for yourself (on a day to day basis)!