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About Christine Grogan

About Christine Grogan

All people deserve to live healthy lives. Consumers desire access to medicines and treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable. The medicare industry is regulated and controlled to provide public benefit and improve patient outcomes. Marketing to skilled healthcare professionals requires a level of knowledge and professionalism to convey the correct product image.
Christine Grogan has over 25 years of healthcare management experience with positions in professional and consumer marketing.  Christine was born in Columbia, S.C. and moved to Charleston S.C. Neuroscience bachelor degree led her to sales representation at Parke Davis/Pfizer. She then planned to go to medical school but loved the sales/marketing industry. Christine moved to New York City for Pfizer marketing. Christine now runs her own marketing company based in San Francisco and New York. Subsequently, she went back to corporate America, head of Americas marketing for KCI.
Christine is an expert in all aspects of commercializing brands relating to Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Plastic Surgery (Breast Reconstruction and Liposuction), and Various Medical device areas.
Christine is working on a digital campaign to help women needing breast reconstruction. Her work ensures women with breast cancer get the best possible treatment. She is working tirelessly to give access to women requiring reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, to get their confidence back. She also works with insurance companies to provide breast construction services to the transgender community.
Christine is a proponent of hard work.  She says to be a good marketer; someone has to have lifelong learning that can make decisions with limited data sometimes.  She also says everybody needs to know about healthcare and leadership. For Christine, money doesn’t matter to be successful, but integrity does.

Hi! Thank you for joining us. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Some fun facts and anecdotes from your life.

I love to meet new people, travel and learn more about healthcare. My favorite place is Africa, as the people are amazing and in much need! I love my 5 -year-old daughter, my husband, 3 dogs, and my past marketing team! I just left KCI-3M and looking for my next opportunity.  I am also cofounder of BRAVEcoalition,org and that is keeping me very busy along with school for my PHD. 

Where are you from originally? What are some of your favorite memories as a child?

I was adopted at 9 mos old, born in Columbia, S.C. and moved to Charleston S.C. I remember going to Disney World at 3 years old with my aunt Cle.  It was not an easy childhood so will leave it at that.

How do you maintain the balance between your professional and personal life?

It is very difficult, never a perfect answer, breadwinner, executive, life learner and trying to be a great mom. A lot more to say on this! Nothing can be 100% there is always give and takes. Women need to stay very foucsed so they do not get burned out trying to overachieve at everything. 

What do you do to relax? Any therapy you would like to share?

I used to be a big runner byt now really into Power Yoga, Peloton and trying to learn to meditate. I am in school for my  PHD so reading is also something nice to do.

They say that first impressions last and are made in the first few seconds of meeting someone. What personal attributes convey a positive first impression to you?

Friendly, Authentic, Sense of humor

Which people helped you to get where you are today and what did they do for you?

My first boss TomSchmalzired from Parke Davis just passed away at age of 90 and  really taught me how to be a servant leader and develop your people based on their individual motivations, not yours.  My first boss at Pfizer  in NYC, Meg Yoder helped me to stand up for myself and I have really done the rest by hard work and perseverance. 

What challenges do you expect to face in the future and how will you tackle them?

As a woman gets older in her career, late 40’s to and enters her 50’s she has to prove her worth in a different way. When you are younger you do not want to be seen as pretty but smart and as you age you have to show that you are still modern, current and have the experience that will help grow the company better than anyone else. 

Can you briefly share your professional journey?

Neuroscience undergraduate degree at University of Florida, led me to be a sales rep at Parke Davis/Pfizer. planned to go to med school but loved the industry.. I Moved to NYC for Pfizer marketing, after 6 years,  moved to Newport Beach for Allergan Director of Botox and then Senior Director  launching silicone breast implants. I left Allergan to run a marketing company in San Francisc and NY and then went back to corporate America, head of Americas marketing  Americas for KCI, now 3M. They let me go in January and  looking at new possiblities and running 

Did your career turn out just the way you wanted it to?

No, wanted to be a doctor but see that I help many in my current role.

What impact has your educational background had on your professional activities?

I have an undergrad in Neuroscience, 3 masters and now starting a Ph.D. it is critical to your growth.

Can you share some of the interesting projects you are working these days?

 I run a 501c3 to help women with breast cancer get the right information to determine the best restoration options for their journey .

We are at the door of the 4th industrial revolution(4IR). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology are thought to be the foremost pillars. How you foresee the future of your industry?

Artifical Intelligence and remote monitoring patients are the latest big trends in our space. More to come on this. 

What is your current role in the industry, and what are you aiming for in the future?

Depending on politics we may end up single-payer or not. I want to be a healthcare advocate and ensure women with breast cancer or deformities get covered by insurance like transgender surgery are covered.

I plan to play a bigger part in healthcare solutions in the future. 

You have had a varied career to date. Explain some of your proudest achievements:

Launching, being the first Pfizer health fellow to Africa, Having Hank McKinnell recognize me at Pfizer. Being the website face of the internet.

Often people find inspiration from great thinkers, writers and prolific people in history. What is your favorite quote and why is that quote noteworthy?

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” Helen Keller

Who or what inspires you?

Growing up poor with sick parents and knowing I can improve other lives. 

What advice would you give newbie entrepreneurs about being successful?

Work hard with integrity, discipline, and morals. Always do the right thing especially when no one is looking. 

In the Information Age, millennials tend to be interested in leadership roles. Do you have any advice for millennial professionals starting their careers?

Stand out from the crowd, do not be lazy, be respectful and work hard. Learn Learn Learn !

What technologies or innovations do you suggest will improve the acquisition of knowledge?

Digital especially around remote monitoring.

What is your favourite book and can you explain what you like about it?

How Yoga Works – Michael Roach, teaches you how to be good to others.

In your opinion, what is the essential personality trait to consider when hiring an executive-level employee?


What advice would you give to anyone seeking a career in your industry?

Study the space, understand healthcare, competition, and leadership.

What do you think about Executives Diary?

I do not know enough yet but I like what I see.

Today I enjoyed my day with friends