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About Andy LeSavage

About Andy LeSavage

Proven Business Growth Leader I Marketing Manager - Creative Problem Solver - Health and Wellness Minded - Available

Hi! Thank you for joining us. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Some fun facts and anecdotes from your life.

I played college lacrosse and after graduating with a degree in political science I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines and Thailand before eventually landing in the ski towns of Breckenridge and later Aspen where I served the likes of Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger while skiing daily. I have run the Catalina Island Marathon, the Jerusalem Marathon, and the Maui Marathon.

Where are you from originally? What are some of your favorite memories as a child?

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado running around the mountains and was on the first ever lacrosse program to come through the city. My first job was mowing my neighbors’ lawns, so I learned the value of hard work at an early age. One of my favorite memories as a child is from when my family and I would go up to Eldorado Springs Canyon to get fresh mountain spring water and play in the pool. I was always outside playing with my friends at the park or the tennis club and am so grateful for all of those experiences.

How do you maintain the balance between your professional and personal life?

Working out in the mornings is very helpful to be able to then go sit indoors for most of the day, it helps clear my mind and work my body so that I can do my best work. I get to nature as often as possible and go on long bike rides with my buddies. I strive to have a life that is balanced between professional and personal and so I do my best to always be myself in either environment because I found that it allows for more growth when I bring my full self.

What do you do to relax? Any therapy you would like to share?

I found that the practice of yoga and meditation is an invaluable tool to find a calm moment in what can feel like a fast-moving world, it just slows everything down so that I can think and act with more ease.

They say that first impressions last and are made in the first few seconds of meeting someone. What personal attributes convey a positive first impression to you?

Good question. I think that a person’s smile and body language is an important factor signaling how they carry themselves and how open they are to connect with you, so those are two things that convey a positive impression on me. Always try to smile.

Which people helped you to get where you are today and what did they do for you?

My family has helped foster a sense of adventure and exploration in me for which I will always be grateful. I have a great network of friends namely: Pat Thurmer, Dylan Bowman, the Wardell’s, and the Wallace’s are amongst several who have all been there for me since my early years and we have stayed connected which helps me feel supported. I have found that the people that can help hold me accountable are the ones I can lean on, sometimes I need to hear feedback and get a healthy push in the right direction.

What challenges do you expect to face in the future and how will you tackle them?

I have come to be comfortable with being uncomfortable because that is just the mindset I think that I have needed to adopt while working in the startup space, with so many unknowns of what might happen to companies, jobs, or new markets. I expect challenges to always be there to a certain extent, so I will tackle them by being present and knowing that I have a good set of problem-solving tools.

Can you briefly share your professional journey?

It has been a journey indeed. I have built my career around helping companies develop and implement scale-able marketing innovations while creating brands that resonate with people. I started my professional career at a global ad agency which taught me a lot about how to position a brand at a high level and since I knew how to build websites I went out on my own to start the notion of shopping from Instagram with a company called Shopsy. I was hustling and after trying to raise funding and live off affiliate marketing money I ended up getting a job as the first marketing employee at SeeControl, an Internet of Things software company that was acquired by Autodesk. After that I joined uMake as the Head of Growth, where the iPad app was named App of the Year, Editor’s Choice, and was featured in the Apple App Store. I took some time to work at a non-profit managing the marketing at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and am now looking forward to getting back into the startup world.

Did your career turn out just the way you wanted it to?

TBD. I never would have guessed the exact path that I have been on and I think it is one that has never been walked before. It is an ongoing development and I am pleased with many of the experiences that I have had to teach me the lessons so that I can become a leader.

What impact has your educational background had on your professional activities?

Having a degree in Political Science taught me how to think critically about how others act and function within the systems that have been set up in our society. I overthink things sometimes, but I come to marketing and business thinking with a foundational understanding of what type of wants, needs, desires, demographics, and resources will be successful.

Can you share some of the interesting projects you are working these days?

I created a new product for home organization that allows anyone to easily hang their jeans, it is called the DenimDock and will be made out of reclaimed plastic coat hangers, which are extremely wasteful. It is in a hot market, it is a useful product, and the business model integrates a sustainable manufacturing practice to help on many fronts.

We are at the door of the 4th industrial revolution(4IR). Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology are thought to be the foremost pillars. How you foresee the future of your industry?

I see it all interconnecting because at the end of the day a lot of technology is trying to solve a problem and if that problem can be solved with less human interaction and more decentralization it removes many hurdles that right now have intermediaries like humans and hardware. I think that AI should be heavily regulated because it poses a large risk to human consciousness and we should strive to maintain some level of autonomy and uniqueness in this world. Blockhain should be only slightly regulated and remain decentralized, this could be the key to true freedom and we must do everything to use this system for it’s original purpose and not simply turn it into a store of value and ledger system for more extensive control by conglomerate’s.

What is your current role in the industry, and what are you aiming for in the future?

I helped create what is now shopping from Instagram when I co-founded Shopsy and have  also added to the narrative that shaped The Internet of Things and now I am aiming to help entrepreneurs make an impact in the market with unique products and to stand up for innovation in a world that is steadily being homogenized and run by just a handful of companies. I would like to see a successful application built on the blockchain that truly democratizes content creation and allows for monetary success from the people and for the people.

You have had a varied career to date. Explain some of your proudest achievements:

Inventor of prosumer photo commerce and co-founder of Shopsy.

The first marketing hire at SeeControl, an Internet of Things company that was acquired by Autodesk for 10X. I created a case study with one of our pilot customers that was later presented by Warner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon on stage at their keynote conference.

Head of Growth for uMake, a 3D sketching iPad application that was an Editors Choice, App of the Year, and featured in the Apple App Store.

I started the Total Freedom Podcast where I am reading my favorite excerpts from Jiddu Krishnamurti’s book: Total Freedom to explore the grounds between audiobooks, cliffnotes and podcasts and it has been listened to over 14,000 times so far.

Inventor of the DenimDock, an easy way to hang your jeans, made out of reclaimed plastic.

Often people find inspiration from great thinkers, writers and prolific people in history. What is your favorite quote and why is that quote noteworthy?

Become the author of your life’s novel. -Terrance Mckenna

This is a favorite quote of mine because as I experience and learn more I am realizing that there is no real hard and fast truth since we all have different perceptions and stories that we are telling ourselves. We are not locked into past interpretations of ourselves and we can shape so much in this life.

Who or what inspires you?

Artists being true to themselves is one of the most beautiful things to me. Someone like Tom Waits just changes you the first time you hear him speak and see him go about his life in a way that is so unapologetically original.

What advice would you give newbie entrepreneurs about being successful?

Do whatever you need to do to have faith in your ideas. Talk to the right people, ask the right questions, test things out and keep moving forward.

In the Information Age, millennials tend to be interested in leadership roles. Do you have any advice for millennial professionals starting their careers?

Work on your emotional intelligence.

What technologies or innovations do you suggest will improve the acquisition of knowledge?

Podcasts have done a great job so far.

What is your favourite book and can you explain what you like about it?

Total Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti because he was a thinker and philosopher that not that many people know about and was adamant about people retaining their own independent agency.

Listen to my podcast highlighting it here:

In your opinion, what is the essential personality trait to consider when hiring an executive-level employee?

Integrity, will they do what they say that they will do.

What advice would you give to anyone seeking a career in your industry?

Learn how to build websites, solve problems, and communicate. Think about what is unique onto you and what won’t be outsourced or automated in 5 years and do that.

What do you think about Executives Diary?

It is a great way to share knowledge!