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From the diary of Executives Diary Inc.

Executives Diary Inc.

Founded by: Muhammad Nauman

Founded at: 2018-02-27

Industry: Computer Software
Location: United States, Delaware,
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About From the diary of Executives Diary Inc.

Personal diaries have been part of our lives for hundreds of years, as a device for capturing daily events and intimate thoughts. Typically, they were preserved to provide retrospective insights for memoir-writing or to be shared with family and friends.

Executives Diary is nearly three years in the making, and it could take another ten years to complete the full build-out. At Executives Diary, we recognize that modern-day executives, who drive transformational change, constantly generate thoughts and ideas of tremendous value. 

As this concept evolves, our primary goal is to ensure that the skills, knowledge and wisdom of industry professionals are recorded and transferred to future generations.

Why Executives Diary?

Executives Diary is an invite-only resource which guarantees that every professional on our network is genuine. Our mission is to build a reputable platform that exploits individual narratives to mine the past, describe the present, and forecast the future. 

Personal Reputation.

Our interview-style storytelling approach provides an opportunity to share your narrative at a personal level, and at a comfortable pace. While your professional social media accounts showcase your career experience, Executives Diary serves as your cover page on the Internet. The narrative is completely under your control, sharing as little or as much as you wish. 

Executives Diary also represents your personal pressroom in cyberspace, where you can freely share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on any subject matter.

Technically, Executives Diaries are print-ready, and Diary videos are printed with a QR Code for quick access. This helps with content preservation and authentication.

Search Engine Visibility. 

Executives Diary is a prestigious domain which has been carefully architected to promote top executives from all corners of the world, in a manner that will resonate with other professionals. We have leveraged search engines to optimize and spotlight executives’ profiles and their brands. 

Meet Like-Minded Professionals.

Executives Diary connects with like-minded peers on a personal level by accessing their stories using multimedia text, video and audio. Executives Diaries act as an icebreaker when developing new relationships and exchanging career aspirations and lifestyle tips. 

Brand Reputation.

Every company or brand has a unique, often inspirational, backstory. Your clients and peers can learn from your experience. Executives Diary provides an opportunity for founders and decision-makers to share their brand's journey with their target audience.  

Lastly, Executives Diary has curated profound questions that seek to capture your brand story, and we have created a novel platform to share it with the world.