From the Diary Of

Muhammad Zubair

I am The Co-Founder and Project Lead at Executives Diary inc. I am working with Team Executives under the leadership of Muhammad Nauman since September 2019. I am a Tech Nerd, most of my time is spent in front of the coding machine. 
though, I can be the best fit in any coding world; these days I am dirtying my hands in Laravel, PHP Framework. My goal is to deep drive in blockchain technology so that we move to the decentralized network. 
I can be contacted via my contact form, however, I excuse for the timely response as most of my time is spent in making executives diary a better platform for you. 
My goal is that we make Executives Diary is one of the successful brands.
Prevoiously, I worked with a short Period of time with Nausal Technologies for 3 months, where I met our Founder Muhammad Nauman who was working on Executives Diary.