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We guide leaders who want better engagement from their teams
Groove is a work experience design company that helps leaders improve engagement using step-by-step products and services to create work environments people love.

Hands-on Services to Help Leaders Improve Engagement
Quick ways to get answers that put your team on the right path toward better engagement

Strategy Alignment
Getting everyone on the same page has never been more difficult. And you see the symptoms: competing priorities, decision deadlock, firefighting and burnout

The solution is to get aligned, fast. We teach a better way to set and communicate strategy. You’ll use design thinking, flexible roadmapping, and experiments. This is a targeted, hands-on experience with your executive team where you’ll learn by doing. You’ll walk out of the room aligned with concrete next steps

Modern Management
Management is being disrupted as orgs shift towards employee-driven work. Poor management is a main driver of low engagement.

We teach your leaders fundamental new approaches to working that empower and inspire your teams to do quality work that’s aligned to specific objectives.

Our training covers mechanics (what you actually do as a manager) and mindset (a more human approach to managing).

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