From the Diary Of

Dr. Edward Maltass

My father immigrated to the USA from Medellin, Colombia, South America, and my Mother immigrated to the USA from Havana Cuba.

I was born in Stockton California. Growing up from an immigrant family, I had to deal with a lot of people that were prejudice of my Latin Heritage; but a quick smile and a plan within my mind would soon begin; and the plan was to use that negativity to prosper and prove them all wrong. 

I loved playing Tennis, Senior Varsity football, and Chess. Of all activities, Chess was my favorite, as it taught me how to strategize from an early age.

I married at 21 years of age, and was married for 9 years. While my wife decided marriage and parenthood wasn’t her cup of tea; she left me with a beautiful blessing – that of three small children to which I was honored of becoming a single father to.

I raised them with only Gods help during those years, and eventually remarried the wonderful wife that I have now. My older children are now parents of their own, and I have seven grandchildren.

I have four more children (seven in total and 7 grandchildren in total). 

The early years of being a single father, taught me much on how I manage employees and people today.

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