From the Diary Of

David H. Crean

David is a Managing General Partner, Steward of Capital, Investment Banker, and Life Sciences Executive Strategist with 25+ years of experience in building Healthcare and Life Sciences companies through partnering and capital investments and achieving liquidity through mergers and acquisitions. Skilled in creating shareholder value, return on investment, and closing multi-million-dollar deals across geographies including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

David aims to inspire and bring out the best in his teams to do great things. He believes that each day is an opportunity to rewrite the rules, differentiate oneself, and lead positive, impactful change. Being immersed in the Life Sciences, healthcare, and biopharma industries for over 25 years, he is regarded as a thought leader and influencer, modestly acknowledged. He uses his sell-and buy-side experiences with business owners, boards, entrepreneurs, and investors to make the best possible decisions for their businesses and investments. 

David guides business leaders through strategic decisions, securing the best investment / financial opportunities, and driving growth. By sitting on the Board of Directors in leading roles for several companies and nonprofits, he gains personal fulfillment by supporting sound business decisions in these organizations. He believes in servant leadership, giving back, and creating value for stakeholders and the customers he serves.

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