Using Your Online Reputation To Find Jobs

Using Your Online Reputation To Find Jobs

C Level executives often have an online presence simply because they are working in the digital age. However, you must be aware of how to leverage your online reputation for your own gain. This article explains what to do when you want your online reputation to speak for you in job searches

#1: Your Sites Must Be Professional

All the websites and social media platforms you use must include your professional information. You want all these sites to look as though you are the expert, you are giving advice, and your resume is quite obvious. If you have initials after your name, use them. If you write articles or books, post them. Your potential employers must feel as though your whole life revolves around your work.

#2: Interact With People

You must interact with the people who read your content. They are reading and responding, and you must give sound advice to all the people you meet. This is especially on a network such as LinkedIn because people often come there only for networking. If you are very professional on LinkedIn, your future employers can see that.

#3: Get Published

Your online presence may go a bit farther if you get your articles published in magazines. There are quite a few executives reading online magazines for tips, and they remember your name if they see it. You have this persona that paints you as the expert, and the company wants you to be a part of their team. They want to hire experts.

#4: Network On Your Own

Your online presence must reach out to other C Level executives. The people whop hire you are just as high up the food chain as you are, and you must network with them on social media. Ask pertinent questions on their blog posts, and network with them on LinkedIn. If you get to know enough people, your name will come up when a company is looking for a new executive.

#5: Hide Your Personal Stuff

You need to lock down your personal pages and social media posts. You are more than welcome to have such a thing, but you must prevent outsiders from reading these pages. You want to have pages that look clean, and you must limit those pages to your friends and family. You have a different personality outside of work, and you best not spoil it by having an easily accessible social media page with personal information.

#6: They Check

Keep your online reputation as high as possible so that your future employer can check on you. They use special scoring systems to see how powerful your reputation is, and they use that score as part of the hiring process. You may well get paid more if you have a better presence online, and you must work hard on this every day. These companies check whether you like it or not, and all the tips listed above get you ready for the hiring process.


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