Tips For Using The Google Search Engine To Increase Productivity

Tips For Using The Google Search Engine To Increase Productivity

It seems like modern humans can’t live without food, water or Google. We all use Google. However, not all of us are using Google as wisely as we could be when it comes to getting the search results we need for increasing productivity. I want to tell you about some tips I’ve discovered for how C level executives can make Google an asset for their organizations or careers.

I didn’t master using Google to my advantage in a day. There was definitely a time when I had difficulty getting the results I wanted. Search engine experts are always challenging Google with their newest techniques and trying to breach the Google algorithm to come out at the top of search rankings. There is essentially a never-ending war between Google and savvy SEO experts. Where can you fit in? I am going to share my top tips to help you utilize Google’s search engine to increase productivity in both your personal life and professional endeavors.

Tip 1: Type Whatever Comes in Your Mind and Let Google Do the Thinking

Have you ever stared at your screen and tried to conjure up a perfect search query? Most people spend too much time thinking up the perfect query terms before entering their searches into Google. The problem with this is that we’re relying on our own way of thinking instead of on Google’s thinking. Many platforms actually create content keywords by thinking as a normal person would when searching on Google. This means you’ll probably come up with results that have been SEO optimized instead of legitimate websites. Try to type whatever comes in your mind about the particular subject you’re looking for instead of being calculating.

Tip 2: Look for Results From Forums and Social Platforms

Forums are your friends in the world of Google. I’ve had a lot of success when looking for answers on popular forums like Quora. You typically get a nice mix of opinion and fact when looking on forums and social platforms. This combination can be great when you’re trying to make a decision regarding a matter. However, you will need to be prepared to weed out posts that are simply intended to sell products.

Tip 3: Look for Results on the Second Page

Don’t stop at the first page. There could be some treasures waiting on the second page of your search results. People rely on the first page of search results 99 percent of the time. However, moving on to the second and third pages can introduce new information that is extremely valuable.

Tip 4: Read the Comment Section Before Reading the Post

This is my best tip for saving valuable time. Scroll down to the bottom of a post before investing time in reading it. Praise, insightful comments and ongoing conversations are all signs that a post has quality. A lack of comments or the presence of negative comments are both signs that a post lacks quality.

These are my basic tips for saving time and getting the results you need to increase productivity and make information-based decisions using the Google search engine. It has taken me several years of working in the tech industry to understand the secrets for how C level executives and other professionals can use the Google search engine to its fullest capacity. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule at the end of the day. You must come to rely on a formula that involves following these tips and following your own intuition when it comes to digging for information via Google. Of course, my most important tip is to never ask someone for help with something unless you have used Google to come up with a simple solution first.


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